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Douglas Duany

Architect’s Biography

Alejandro Douglas Duany received his master’s Degree in Landscape Architecture in Harvard in 1990. Previous to that, he had designed and executed private landscapes as well as developing the public spaces and landscapes of Seaside. Since then, Douglas has been involved in urban design projects in over 10 countries and in over 30 states while maintaining an intermittent landscape practice. He has also taught as a visiting professor in the architecture departments of the University of Miami and the University of Florida. Douglas Duany has always been involved in theoretical issues in the internal platforms provided by the Congress for the New Urbanism and he received the first Chair of Urban Ecology given by the Princes’ Foundation for the Built Environment in London. He is presently a professor at Notre Dame.

Architect Details

Preferred Name:
Douglas Duany
Known As:
Alejandro Douglas Duany