Using the Seaside Research Portal

The Seaside Research Portal contains information on the history of Seaside, the architectural code employed within the community, biographies of the Town Architects that have overseen and guided the growth of Seaside, biographies of architects whose built work is found within, and, most importantly, the beginnings of what will become a repository of fully documented residential, commercial, and civic buildings in the town of Seaside.

About the Portal contains a general overview of the Portal Contact information for the Portal teams is also provided.

The Portal has supports both desktop and mobile platforms. It was primarily tested in Google Chrome and Mobile Safari but should work in most modern browsers. There will be changes in appearance and content of the site depending on the browser and the screen size.

Navigating the Search Command

The search command allows you to search by all or a portion of the name of a Seaside architect or architecture firm (i.e. “Merrill,” or “Advance Planning Service”), but not by acronym (i.e. “APS” for “Advance Planning Service”). Search results will also be returned for the name of a building within Seaside.

Use the “Limit your search” option to the left of the search command box to restrict your search to a particular Type of search (i.e. “Structure,” “Image,” or “Architect” etc.) Searching for “images,” “architects,” or other generic terms will return links to various images and architects throughout the site, in no particular order.

It is the hope of the Content Team that this research portal will, through thorough documentation of the community, serve as a basis for understanding the history, design, plan, code and architecture that make Seaside an exceptional application of New Urban ideals.