Roger's Lighthouse

45 East Ruskin Street

Victoria Casasco

Roger's Lighthouse

Project Description

The Appell House challenges traditional concepts of interior and exterior wood construction. Using a unique composition of structural wood members, Casasco creates a complex series of spaces. The structure also creates porches and balconies that allow for shelter from the local climate and natural ventilation.

Project Specifications

Victoria Casasco
Building Name:
Roger's Lighthouse
Preferred Name:
Roger's Lighthouse, Appell House
45 East Ruskin Street


Victoria Casasco

Victoria Casasco


Like her childhood – spent in Argentina, the United States and Brazil – Victoria Casasco’s career has spanned many countries and embraced many different fields. Casasco began her career as a sculptor. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture from the Rhode Island School of Design and was a practicing artist for many years, with her work exhibited throughout New York and in Italy.

After many years spent as an artist, Casasco decided to pursue architecture. She went to Columbia University to study and in 1983 received a Masters of Architecture degree. During her graduate studies she had the opportunity to work with DPZ on the Town of Seaside. Shortly after beginning her architectural career, Casasco moved to Barcelona, Spain to conduct research on 20th century Catalan architects.  She returned to America only two years later, in 1987, and became Town Architect of Seaside, Florida – the only female town architect to date. In the same year she established her own architecture firm, CASASCOstudio.

Casasco remained in Seaside as Town Architect for a year, before moving with her firm to Santa Monica, California. Her firm works in residential, civic and commercial architecture as well as town planning. They have done work in many countries across the globe, always with an eye toward responsible design. Casasco’s continued research into building systems and materials helps them to achieve this commitment, while still focusing on the aesthetic experience of every space. Their work has been published in books and periodicals worldwide and Casasco has been recognized with many awards for her architectural efforts.

Since 1987, Victoria Casasco has also been involved in academia. She began at Mississippi State University, running a graduate studio, before moving on to California State Polytechnic University as an Assistant Professor. She taught at the Southern California Institute of Architecture in Los Angeles for nearly a decade before starting as an Assistant Professor at Yale University in 199. She still holds this post today. Over the years she has taught as a visiting professor at university of California in Los Angeles, Arizona State University and at the University of Texas. She has also lectured on architecture and urban planning throughout California and around the country.

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Appell House/Roger's Lighthouse

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