Central Park

206 Ruskin Place

Vic Bowman

Central Park

Project Description

Central Park is located along Ruskin Square, nestled in a block full of mixed-use townhouses. Belonging to the Type III typology in Seaside, Central Park is both a residence and workshop building. The ground floor has three openings that serve as both windows and doors to engage walkers along the park and invite people into the workshop. Currently, Central Park is being used as a residence that may be rented. Due to its design as mixed-use, the main elements of a home, such as the kitchen, are located on the second floor. Also on the second floor is access onto the balcony, which comes off of the dining area of the home. The balcony overlooks Ruskin Square and is partially shaded by trees. The exterior of the building uses a rusticated stone base along with semi-circular pediments above the windows on the second floor windows. Along with its neighbors, Central Park uses a flat roof with a fourth floor tower element. This tower allows for a beautiful view of Seaside and provides an elevated getaway. 

By Rebekah Wierson

Project Specifications

Vic Bowman
Building Name:
Central Park
Preferred Name:
Central Park
206 Ruskin Place
Code Type:
Type III – Residential and Workshop
Building Type:
Mixed Use


Vic Bowman

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Seaside Archives, University of Notre Dame
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