306 Ruskin Place

Bob Mehall


Project Description

JoJo is one of the few houses located in Ruskin Place that does not have a ground level workshop designed by Bob Mehall. This three-story residence is a family-owned vacation home, though the second level is also rented throughout the year. The name “JoJo” comes from a combination of names of two women in the family of the current owner, an interior designer originally from Nashville, Tennessee who has used her talents to contribute to the décor of the townhouse, combining exciting color palettes and details in a fresh, modern fashion

Though Jojo is located in Ruskin Place, it does not adhere precisely to Type III of the Seaside Code. Jojo does not have a ground-level workshop and is therefore purely residential, following the example of its neighbors on either side. This allows for a subtle urban variety in the character of Ruskin Place. The first level of the townhouse consists of a living area with a side stair, and a kitchen and dining area toward the back. The second level is a functionally independent unit, complete with a master suite, large kitchen and dining space, and a spacious, well-lit living space with sofa beds. Accessible from the living space is an exterior covered veranda facing Ruskin Place. The third level has more bedrooms and sitting area lit by skylight, just off the stair landing. On this level, as well as a second level, is an outdoor patio area that faces the more private west side. The proximity of these patios to those of its neighbors allows opportunities for social bonding while enjoying the beautiful views of Seaside without interfering with privacy. Also on West side at the ground level is a covered parking area.

By Veronica Galvez

Project Specifications

Bob Mehall
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306 Ruskin Place
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Type III – Residential and Workshop
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Bob Mehall

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