Robert Orr, Melanie Taylor


Project Description

Designed by Robert Orr and Melanie Taylor, Rosewalk is among Seaside’s first neighborhoods.  Planned as a group of small cottages arranged around a central garden court, Rosewalk served as a scaled example of what the future of Seaside could become.  The 14 cottages and other garden structures were arranged within the overall complex to preserve and accent the existing Florida vegetation.  Many cottages make use of both a courtyard facing porch as well as an additional street-side entrance, leading to street addresses both on Robert’s Way as well as Tupelo Street.  Though drawing from the Gulf Coast vernacular as its stylistic inspiration, it is with Rosewalk that Seaside begins to develop its own visual vocabulary.  Houses built during Seaside’s following years often drew inspiration from these early cottages, both in color and proportion.  The use and refinement of this aesthetic is evident as Seaside grew from its early Tupelo Street origins toward the northwest.

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39 Rosewalk
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Robert Orr, Melanie Taylor
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Type V – Special District
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Robert Orr

Robert Orr


Robert Orr is an award-winning architect, urbanist, educator, lecturer and writer. He was educated at the University of Vermont and Yale University, from which he received his Master of Architecture degree. He collaborated with Andres Duany and Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk at Seaside in the early 80s which lead him to become a Founder of the Seaside Institute. His serves in professional roles nationwide. He was a founder of the New Urbanism and serves on multiple boards including 1000 Friends of Conneticut and Liberty Community Services, a program providing housing for homeless people with AIDS). He lectures around the country and his dozens of writings have been published in books, magazines, and newspapers nationwide as well.

In addition to his many professional roles, Robert Orr is also the principal member of his own firm, Robert Orr & Associates. Located in New Haven, Connecticut, the firm does full-service design. Their architectural works include commercial, institutional and residential development; New Urbanist town planning; interior design services and landscape and garden design. Their work has been featured in numerous publications and has garnered dozens of awards.

Melanie Taylor

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